WIFO Industry Survey

The WIFO Industry Survey is a survey of the largest Austrian industrial companies, which focuses on their competitive strategies and assessment of Austria as an industrial location. This survey is conducted every three years in order to be able to capture structural changes. The companies are asked about product, procurement and market strategies as well as changes in their positioning in global value chains and their core competences. A series of questions records the perception of different challenges of Austrian location policy and structural policy priorities with regard to the international competitiveness of the companies. Each survey contains a variable block of questions referring to current topics relevant for structural policy. Recent surveys comprised questions related the challenges and consequences of digitisation and "Industry 4.0" or more recently on economic policy uncertainty. With its focus on the medium- to long-term strategic orientation of companies, the WIFO Industry Survey is a complement to the WIFO-Konjunkturtest (business cycle survey) and the indicator data sets on competitiveness and patent activity, which are continuously adapted and developed further by the Research Group Industrial Economics, Innovation and International Competition.



Klaus S. Friesenbichler, Andreas Reinstaller
Do Firms Facing Competitors from Emerging Markets Behave Differently?. Evidence from Austrian Manufacturing Firms
European Business Review, 2022, 34, (2), pp.153-170, https://www.emerald.com/insight/content/doi/10.1108/EBR-09-2020-0216/full/html
JEL-Codes:L20, L60, M16
Keywords:Competition, emerging markets, manufacturing, Austria, Dynamic Capabilities, Befragung der Industrie
Research group:Industrial Economics, Innovation and International Competition