Economic Impact of Care Services in Austria
in: ILPN Conference – 5th International Conference on Evidence-based Policy in Long-term Care
Vortrag, Wien, 12.9.2018
Recent projections of long-term care costs across Western societies show a significant rise in the upcoming decades. This is mainly due to demographic developments, but also due to a reduction of families' capacities to deliver informal care. Thus, an expansion of both mobile and in-patient care is inevitable. As the increasing demand alters both public and private expenditures, it is worth taking a look beyond the conventional cost-based evaluation of long-term care developments and to evaluate the economic effects induced by this growing sector. In that demand for care services increases, this poses chances for, but also puts demands on other sectors of the economy, which go beyond the immediate effects and costs of the care institutions. Against this background this paper presents a first analysis of the macroeconomic linkages of the long-term care sector for the case of Austria.
Keywords:Economic Impact of Care Services
Research group:Structural Change and Regional Development