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Following the intellectual exodus of the 1930s and persecution by the Nazi regime, economics in Austria had, with only a handful of exceptions, lost connection to international trends. After 1945, political choices further consolidated this state of affairs. Only after a generation change and thanks to a climate of reforms in the late 1960s and 1970s, research both outside and inside universities managed to catch up. Today, academic economics in Austria is part of an integrated European and North American market for economists as well as for economic ideas.
Die Geschichte des WIFO und der österreichischen Wirtschaftspolitik in der Zweiten Republik (The History of WIFO and Austrian Economic Policy in the Second Republic)
WIFO-Monatsberichte, 2017, 90(12), pp.941-945
Online since: 20.12.2017 0:00
Die Geschichte des WIFO ist eng mit der jüngeren Wirtschaftsgeschichte Österreichs verbunden. Zentral für die Erfolgsgeschichte des WIFO ist die wissenschaftliche Qualität und Unabhängigkeit, aufbauend auf soliden personellen und finanziellen Strukturen.

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