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Constantinos Syropoulos, Gabriel Felbermayr, Aleksandra Kirilakha, Erdal Yalcin, Yoto V. Yotov
Review of International Economics, 2023, (2023),
This paper introduces the third update or release of the Global Sanctions Data Base (GSDB-R3). The GSDB-R3 extends the period of coverage from 1950-2019 to 1950-2022, which includes two special periods – COVID-19 and the new sanctions against Russia. This update of the GSDB contains a total of 1,325 cases. In response to multiple inquiries and requests, the GSDB-R3 has been amended with a new variable that distinguishes between unilateral and multilateral sanctions. As before, the GSDB comes in two versions, case-specific and dyadic, which are freely available upon request at To highlight one of the new features of the GSDB, we estimate the heterogeneous effects of unilateral and multilateral sanctions on trade. We also obtain estimates of the effects on trade of the 2014 sanctions on Russia.
International Tax and Public Finance, 2022, 29, pp.1075-1097,
Journal of International Economics, 2022, 138,
Review of World Economics, 2022, 158, (2022), pp.401-465,
Gabriel Felbermayr, Jasmin Gröschl, Marc Sanders, Vincent Schippers, Thomas Steinwachs
Gabriel Felbermayr, Alexander Sandkamp
in: Gabriel Felbermayr, Clemens Fuest, Udo Di Fabio, Freies Unternehmertum und staatliche Lenkung
Book chapters, contributions to collected volumes, Stiftung Familienunternehmen, München, March 2022, pp.43-66,