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Gabriel Felbermayr (WIFO), Mario Larch, Erdal Yalcin, Yoto V. Yotov
On the Heterogeneous Trade and Welfare Effects of GATT/WTO Membership
WIFO Working Papers, 2022, (643), 48 pages
Online since: 18.02.2022 0:00
We quantify the partial and general equilibrium effects of GATT/WTO membership on trade and welfare. Using an extensive database covering manufacturing trade for 186 countries over the period 1980-2016, we find that the average impact of GATT/WTO membership on trade among member countries is large, positive, and significant. We contribute to the literature by estimating country-specific estimates and find them to vary widely across the countries in our sample with poorer members benefitting more. Using these estimates, we simulate the general equilibrium effects of GATT/WTO on welfare, which are sizable and heterogeneous across members, and relatively small for non-member countries. We show that countries not experiencing positive trade effects from joining GATT/WTO can still gain in terms of welfare, due to lower import prices and higher export demand.
JEL-Codes:F1, F13, F14
Keywords:GATT, Welfare, Heterogeneous Policy Effects, WTO
Research group:No Research Group affiliation