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The WIFO Reports on Austria are short English-language analyses of economic developments in Austria. Contributions on the topics of business cycle, competitiveness, macroeconomics, labour market, digitisation, cash flow and unit labour costs are published regularly, summarising the main developments in these areas in Austria.

The articles of the previous issues "WIFO Bulletin" and "Austrian Economic Quarterly" can be found here: WIFO Bulletin, Austrian Economic Quarterly

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Klaus Friesenbichler, Tim Slickers (WIFO), Arash Robubi (Austrian Institute for SME Research)
Strong Recovery of Earnings Power in Austrian Manufacturing in 2021
WIFO Reports on Austria, 2022, (13), 12 pages
Online since: 30.09.2022 0:00
At 9.1 percent, the cash-flow-to-sales ratio in Austrian manufacturing in 2020 was well below the long-term average of 9.5 percent. According to WIFO's econometric estimations, the cash flow ratio rose to 10.2 percent in 2021. The increase reflects the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. Preliminary results for 2022 show a decrease of the earnings power.
JEL-Codes:L22, L25, M21
Keywords:Cash flow, Profitability, Equity, Austria, COVID-19
Research group:Industrial, Innovation and International Economics

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