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Oliver Fritz (WIFO), Geoffrey J.D. Hewings
13th Geoffrey J.D. Hewings Regional Economics Workshop
Workshops, conferences and other events, WIFO, Wien, 03.10.2022–04.10.2022
Organised by: Austrian Institute of Economic Research
Online since: 28.06.2022 0:00
The Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO) is organising the 13th international workshop in the field of regional economics in honour of Geoffrey J.D. Hewings, Professor of Economics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and member of WIFO's Scientific Board. This event aims at bringing together researchers from various fields of economics working mainly at the regional level to discuss ideas and exchange knowledge. Glyn Wittwer of the Centre of Policy Studies (CoPS) in Melbourne will serve as our keynote speaker for the workshop. Glyn is a regional dynamic CGE modelling expert. He has played a major role in developing databases for several country-specific versions of TERM (The Enormous Regional Model), a "bottom-up" multiregional CGE model developed at CoPS. His list of projects includes modelling of the impacts of major dam and transport projects, drought and water trading, flood, hypothetical plant disease scenarios, productivity scenarios, wine tax scenarios, major mine construction projects, industry closures and the aftermath of civil disruption.
Keywords:Regional Specialisation, Structural Change, Knowledge Diffusion, Regional Location Analysis, Geographical Impact of Eonomic Policy Measures, Regional Labour Market, Regional Tourism, Regional Planning
Research group:Structural Change and Regional Development